Highlands Forest Series #3 Event Report

There's a standing joke that when I organise an event, it will rain, probably lots. This joke is not entirely unfair - one year we lost our start/finish point when it flooded - what was an oval was, quite literally, a 6-foot deep lake by finish time. Another year we had six thunder/lightening storms roll across in 2 hours. I like to think that the world is helping me to bump up the difficulty if my events, and cater to only the most adventurous of orienteers. True to form, it rained all Sunday for our HFS #3 at William Howe Regional Park, Mount Annan, and I'd like to thank everyone who still came out to make my course-setting worthwhile. As orienteers, we love being out in the world, and sometimes that means in the rain. And the bad part is the getting wet, once you're wet it's lots of fun.


We had 41 starting competitors, which is outstanding for such a wet day! If I can have a moment of pride - 22 of these were SHOO runners - it's such a pleasure to see such great local turn-outs at our club events - it's very rewarding as a course-setter to know that you're getting to challenge lots of SHOO members.

The full event results can be found on eventor.

My special notes from the day:

  1. The Bara (mums) group for persisting all the way to the end and finishing their course. I'm not sure why the results say that you didn't finish, but I'll testify that you did! 

  2. Sophie and Abbey for two courses! Epic (once you worked out the confusing needle 😉)

  3. The Kontos family (first-timers) for a great mind-set in the rain, and flashing around the course so much quicker than I expected! 

  4. Liz and Helen for battling it out in a very close Women's Moderate - it's great to see you both developing.

  5. John McGann for completing a marathon the day before, a long run, and orienteering - giving him over 60km in two days.

  6. Brian Carter for a come-back of epic proportions - appearing from the rain after years in the wilderness, and taking out the Men's Short Hard! 

  7. Angus for winning Men's Hard, and Craig for doing a solid job of nearly chasing him down.

Thanks also to all of my helpers on the day, especially Doug, Craig and Robert for bringing in controls. See you all at Appin next month!