Highlands Forest Series 2: Event results and report

A much-loved fixture on the Australian orienteering calendar, the The Highlands Forest Series aims to give new and experienced orienteers a fun and challenging bushland navigation experience ('true' orienteering - it's where we came from!).

Event 2 was head at Stingray Swamp, a part of Penrose State Forest. It was a re-make of an old map (we had to wait for the trees to grow back!), done by one of our clubs expert mappers, Robert Spry.

We saw 64 runners head out into the bush, and what a SHOO turn-out! 26 SHOO-ites came out to run, and it's such a pleasure to see a mix of old and new duking it out for places. Special mention to the Shedden and Zids kids (lol!) who keep popping up at tops of their divisions, and to all of our newer club members and families who are developing really well (such as the Murrays and Brays, John McGann, Craig Roach, and Michele Jackson). 

Thanks to Robert for a great event, and for saving an old map, and to Angus for helping him ably on the day, and also to everyone who stayed to bring controls in.

Full event results can be seen on Eventor.