State Leagues 14 & 15 and NSW Schools Championships Event Report

SHOO had a cracker of a weekend lined up, coordinating with 3 State League events in 2 days. Naturally, we decided to make it harder, and overlay the NSW Schools Championships over these as well. Consequently, every even was both a State League and a Schools Championship, which made for a busy weekend.

Thank you SHOO!

In case you haven’t noticed, running orienteering events is not a simple, easy feat, particularly on this scale. Our first point of business is to say thank you to our enormous pool of SHOObies who supported the events. From old to new, young to old, it was genuinely inspiring to see our Club come together to successfully coordinate 3 top-level events. From the start line marshals who stood out in the freezing cold for hours, to mappers, course-setters, parking marshals, control placers (and retrievers), computers, sweeps, coaches, photographers, there were so many roles to fill, and never an empty space.

We want you to know that we appreciate everyone giving of themselves (and sometimes their opportunity to participate) to enable so many kids to have a great orienteering experience. You were friendly, professional, and always willing to jump in - all of the things that make SHOO such a great (and growing) club.

Special thanks to Lyn for overseeing the entire event, and everyone who filled specialised roles in the lead-up, like Robert Spry, Peter Meyer, Garry and Sandy etc.

Some stats

Rather than re-cap each event individually, here are some stats to show the magnitude of what we achieved together at the 3 events across Oxley College (sprint), Tudor House (sprint) and Welby (middle distance):

  • 62 schools were represented from across NSW (the furthest was from Cootamundra)

  • 723 runs in the 3 State League events, and 450 runs in the schools champs, which is over 1,100 runs in total - huge!

  • As far as we know, 0 serious injuries or critical incidents (well, one girl got lost at Welby, but she found herself)

  • Hardly any complaints or grumbling (which is saying something, coming from orienteers!


The results from the State League events are available on Eventor (Oxley, Tudor House, Welby).

The School Championships results are as follows:

Primary school champions

  1. Mowbray Primary School: 17 points

  2. Camden South Primary School: 15 points

  3. North Rocks Primary School: 12 points

Secondary Schools champions

  1. Knox Grammar: 38 points

  2. Warners Bay High School: 12 points

  3. William Clark College: 11 points

Region champions

  1. Combined Independent Schools: 179 points

  2. Sydney North Region: 154 points

  3. South West Region: 98 points

  4. Sydney South West Region: 75 points