This section covers some of the skills particular to being a successful orienteer. We’ve scoured the web to find the best videos and resources to help our club members learn. SHOO has a handout of 4 key orienteering skills which we use during out training sessions, but the resources below give you a lot of detail as you develop.

The basics

A great video intended as an introduction to orienteering, which includes reading a map, what gear you’ll need, compasses, and a little bit more.

Orienting your map

Quite literally where the name of our sport comes from. Orienteers are about fast navigation on the run, and the way that we navigate doesn’t use complex bearings, rotating your compass casing, mirrors, or anything that requires a lot of intense work or thought. This is the most essential skill to successful orienteering.

Attack points

Attack points are where you decide to leave a linear or other feature to head towards a control.